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Alarm systems

Safe Choice offers customized electronic security solutions, from installation and commissioning to service and support. Our alarms, systems and access control monitoring are an entire integrated surveillance solution, tailored to unique business requirements.

Perimeter protection is essential for any modern business to protect property and personnel from unwanted intruders or potential dangers. Our integrated surveillance and alarm monitoring services are ideal for these purposes.

What are Alarms Systems?

Alarms systems are electronic devices designed to alert the user to a specific danger and detect intrusions, fire or theft.

Our customised solutions use video analytics using facial recognition, number plate recognition, object detection and fire detection to alert personnel of potential dangers.

Safe Choice installs integrated surveillance solutions including alarms systems with intercoms, wireless CCTV cameras, surveillance wireless cameras, video analytics and access control systems.

Why Use Alarms Systems?

Alarms systems tend to work best alongside other integrated surveillance solutions such as access control, security cameras CCTV, IP access control, video analytics and purpose built wireless surveillance cameras. Some of the benefits of using our solutions are:

Motion and object detection
Fire detection
Perimeter protection