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  • Hills Reliance 8 Kit with Aritech EV105

    Hills Reliance 8 Kit with Aritech EV105

    Hills Reliance 8 Kit with Aritech EV105

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  • new-voice-navsm

    Hills Reliance VoiceNav – See it. Touch it. Hear it

    Direct Alarm Supplies, a Hills company, launches it’s new modern and sleek designed security code pad in Australia and New Zealand - the Hills Reliance VoiceNav.

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  • cs47-link

    CS47 Link

    GSM/GPRS Backup Unit for RUNNER™ Series

    The CS-47 Link is a GSM/GPRS add-on modem operating on the Cellular phone network which connects to the Runner bus and can function as a dialer or backup dialer to the PSTN. When an event or alarm occurs the CS47 Link reports to the central station and sends an SMS message to a cellular phone.

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  • cs47-backup

    CS47 Backup

    Stand Alone Universal GSM backup unit

    The CS-47 is designed to use as a backup system for the PSTN line. In case of PSTN failure, the CS-47 simulates a telephone line and in case of report from the control panel it transmits the events via the GSM to the central station or any private subscriber.

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  • merlin-pro

    Merlin Pro

    Universal Receiver Interfaces

    The Merlin ProTM is a unique wireless receiver interface implementing Freewave advanced FSK technology. 

    The Merlin ProTM is designed to convert any wired control panel into a wireless system, compatible with Crow wireless products

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  • runner-link

    Runner Link


    The Runner LinkTM  is a Network Alarm Communicator that operates with Crow’s RunnerTM Control Panel Series.

    The Runner LinkTM communicates alarm signals to the central station or to a PC via the TCP/IP network, using the dedicated Runner LinkTM software.

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