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Runner2 Series


Powerful Control panel line with exceptional OLED display Keypad

The Runner2 Series is the skillful combination of engineering excellence and technological innovation.
The Runner2 embodies the qualities that are integral to every Crow Panel and offers an unrivalled level of security. The outstanding capabilities of this system are aesthetically expressed by a flowing design which perfectly combins light, lines and curves.

Runner2 Engine

At the heart of every great panel is a great engine. The Runner2 engine is based on the hybrid panel concept of the proven Runner Series. The Runner2 features Two Way communication, optional integrated GSM/GPRS backup module and TCP/IP support, all in one. The Runner2 is built for performance and accuracy, providing complete harmony  between the user and the panel while integrating the latest technology into a easy to use, yet highly sophisticated security solution.

Runner2 Keypads

The sleek aesthetic look of the keypads is carefully considered, creating a truly harmonious design. The Runner2 keypad line reveals everyday usability, sophisticated electronics and graphic interface that deliver both power and user friendliness.

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Control panel with two way wireless, TCP/IP and GSM/GPRS support

  • Up to 16 wireless or 8 hardwired zones
  • Two way wireless transceiver and two way accessories
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem with CID, text messaging and remote control features
  • Access control and home automation features
  • New graphic OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display in wired and two way wireless keypads
  • Operates with wireless keyfobs and proximity readers
  • Compatibility with one way wireless devices and existing Runner modules and LCD and Icon keypads
  • The Runner2 Series was designed in compliance with EN-50131 Grade 2 Class 2,PD 6662:2004,C-tick and FCC Part15